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From the very beginning…

Even though I was not conscious of it at the time, my respect for the nursing profession began when I was eleven years old and my Aunt Nellie came to live with my family. She graduated from the Chicago School of nursing at the turn of the 20th century and had practiced private duty nursing for patients in their homes for many years. I was told she was suffering from dementia. All I knew was she shared wonderful stories with me and enjoyed my company.

As my Aunt Nellie’s condition deteriorated, my mother, who was a registered nurse, and I cared for her and thus began my mission to insure that other people would receive compassionate and loving care. My mother was my biggest supporter. She not only practiced private duty nursing for the agency, she also was part of the office staff.

It is because of the inspiration of these two pioneer women, in the field of nursing, that I was able to see my mission come to fruition. I dedicate my continued work to the rich heritage they have endowed to me.

Swanee L. Kline
-Director & President

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