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Pardon Me?

Each of us has had an occasion or two when we’ve had to ask this question. Although it can be annoying, not hearing every word does not necessarily mean you need a hearing aid.

Often hearing aids are purchased by those with only a slight hearing impairment and tend to be more of a hindrance than a help.

There are several approaches that may be tried before purchasing a hearing aid, and they might just help you hear those little noises or missed spoken words without the inconvenience of a small foreign object neatly tucked just inside your ear to amplify sounds. If you already own a hearing aid consider trying these suggestions given by Dr. Isadore Rossman in his book, “Looking Forward”, you might find you don’t need it as much as thought.


  • Pay close attention when others are talking and watch their lips as they speak. The combination of sight and sound makes communication clearer.
  • When talking or listening to others limit background noises, like the radio or television; this helps diminish confusion.
  • During group conversation or discussion it is best to remain calm, and not become uptight if you miss a little of what is said. Often you’ll grasp more of the conversation than those who hear better by remaining calm and attentive.
  • When listening to the radio or television try using earphones. This allows a clearer sound and clarity, and allows others not to be disturbed by a louder volume.
  • Use amplification devices for your telephone receivers and door bells. Try increasing the volume on the telephone so it rings louder.
  • Feel completely at ease asking someone to repeat themselves. You are only going to fool yourself if you didn’t understand what was said.
  • Finally, feel comfortable admitting to others you have trouble hearing as well as you used to, and ask them if they could speak a little louder 🙂


These simple suggestions might be helpful and make you more at ease if you have a slight hearing impairment. Although some people may find that their hearing decreases to the point that a hearing aid is necessary, it is best to consult a hearing specialist before making a purchase. Loss of minimal hearing is a natural part of aging and need not be cause for discouragement.


Mark Kline
Vice President